5 Quirky Gift Ideas That Will Thrill Your Girlfriend

Do you want to give your girlfriend something quirky for your next anniversary but you're short on ideas? Or maybe you've been extra pampered lately and you want to say thank you, but you're fed up with how overdone a box of chocolates and a bouquet of flowers have become? Well, read on for some quirky, off the beaten path ideas for presents that will delight the lady in your life and give you extra points in the originality department!

1. A bouquet with a twist

Forget flowers! Everyone does flowers; there's nothing original about it, and it has an air of "just stopped at the petrol station on the way home" about it. How about you go for a bouquet of chocolates instead? The originality alone will surprise your girlfriend, and she'll no doubt get a lot more enjoyment out of an assortment of chocolates than she would out of a few wilting stalks!

2. Take a gamble

Buy your girlfriend a lottery ticket and attach a note saying "I won the lottery when I met you!" Sweet and simple, and funny enough that it isn't tacky! 

3. Put it in a jar

A super sweet idea is to write lots of little love notes to your lady and put them in a jar that you can then present to her. Make sure that all the little notes come straight from your heart; there is no room for clichés here! To help you out, think about all the little things that you love about her; for example, the things she does that make you adore her, how kind she is to others, any future wishes that you have for the two of you -- anything like this is ideal, and she'll be truly moved by your sweetness and creativity.

4. Pick an experience

Instead of going for a traditional gift, why not pick an experience that your girlfriend will enjoy instead. To help you choose the experience, ask yourself what your girlfriend is into. Would she enjoy a couple's day at the spa? Or maybe a hot air balloon ride for two would be more her speed? Experiences like these become memories, which can be shared forever.

5. Put it in pictures

If you fancy yourself as a bit of artist, or if you have a friend who is good at drawing, how about making a little comic book for your girlfriend with her as the hero? The story you write is up to you, but try and make it something relevant to her real life, such as the story of how you met, or how she is a superhero to you. The possibilities are endless!

So, no more unoriginal gifts! Choose something from this list and your girlfriend will be so thrilled that for your next anniversary, you may be looking for a gift for a wife instead!

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