The Pizza Craving Is Calling But You're On A Diet - What Do You Do?

Every busy mum has nights where they are just too tired to cook, and now the cold days of winter are starting to bite the last thing you want to do is head out again to buy something to eat. Delivered pizza is the best way to feed the family in a hurry, but as someone who is watching their weight, how do you make sure that pizza night doesn't lead to an unhappy mummy come spring? There are three things you can do when the urge to eat pizza is calling out to you.

Choose The Right Sauce

While choosing a seafood pizza might seem a healthier option than a bacon one, many chicken and seafood topped pizzas come with a white sauce base. White alfredo sauces have roughly 81 calories per quarter cup compared to 35 calories in the equivalent classic tomato variety.

Additionally, alfredo sauce has nearly twice the amount of sodium compared to a classic pizza sauce. While sodium does not impact on your long-term weight gain, it does cause you to retain fluid which leads to short-term weight gain. This is not going to make you smile when your pants are a little tighter after pizza night.

Choose Less Cheese

Mozzarella is the typical pizza cheese of choice because of its stringy yumminess once the pizza is cooked. However, mozzarella also comes in at 336 calories for just one cup of this shredded deliciousness. Take out pizzas average between one to two cups of cheese per pizza, so those calories can easily add up.

When it's time to order your pizza, ask the pizza maker to halve the cheesy topping. You'll still get the gooey goodness but with 50% less of the calorie content.

More Veggies, Less Meat

Vegetables have less calories than deli meats, and far less sodium content as well. So add lashings of capsicum, mushrooms and onions and choose just one light meat topping rather than two. As an added benefit, your kids probably won't be trying to steal your pizza slices which means you can freeze them for future snacking needs.

You can still have your pizza while you are watching your weight over the winter months, but making wiser choices for the topping means you'll have less weight to get rid of when the warmer months roll back around. For assistance, talk to a take away pizza service in your area.

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