Indian Food |Decoding 3 Dish Names For The First-Time Indian Restaurant Visitor

If you have made the resolution to visit an Indian restaurant because you're curious to know more about this striking cuisine, then you should know exactly what you're looking for. Just like its flavourful spices, Indian food is laden with exotic names that may leave you confused if you don't know what to order. This guide aims to decode some dish names for the first-time Indian food restaurant visitor.

Veg, Chicken Or Lamb Bhuna

Bhuna effectively refers to a stir-fried dish. Some Indian dishes need lightly fried spices to emit authentic flavours without tasting raw. Most bhuna dishes are not very spicy, but spices like chilli and pepper can be added to them if needed. For this dish, spices like cinnamon, pepper, chilli, bay leaves, cumin, cardamom and coriander are common. These dishes are relatively dry and rely on the foundation that the core ingredient is cooked in its own juices.  Bhuna dishes go well with all wet and dry dishes and serve as delicious accompaniments to Indian breads and rice.

Veg, Chicken Or Lamb Achari

Made from the same spices used to prepare pickles in India, veg, chicken or lamb achari is usually average to very spicy and often comes with a slight tangy taste. Spices like chilli, mustard, turmeric, cumin and fennel are most common in achari dishes. The gravy colour is between brown and red and rests on the dryer side in comparison to other wetter gravy Indian food items like dal (lentils) and korma (mixed ingredients in yoghurt and fresh cream). Achari dishes pair well with Indian breads and rice, while serving as excellent accompaniments to raita (yoghurt) and other gravy preparations because of their thick nature.  

Veg, Chicken Or Lamb Kashmiri

Kashmiri dishes are authentically North Indian and are illustrated by rich and creamy gravies. These gravies contain ingredients like nuts, dry fruits, spices, cinnamon, cardamom, yoghurt, cloves, coriander, milk and fresh cream. The core ingredient is usually marinated in yoghurt before it is cooked. Veg, chicken or lamb Kashmiri dishes are typically mild and filled with fragrant flavour, but you can also ask for a spicier version based on your desires. Kashmiri dishes pair well with rice pilafs and flat Indian breads, while side dishes like pickles, yoghurt and papad serve as excellent accompaniments to them.

Keep in mind that everyone has a different spice tolerance level, so if you want your Indian food extra spicy or mildly spicy, then be sure to let the restaurant know your requirements for the best Indian restaurant eating experience.

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